Kim as a human

I'm a self-taught front-end devsigner, with a fondness of psychology, beer and pre-00s music.

Currently listening to:
Amos Lee
Seen It All Before

An autodidact, living pre-2000s music dictionary, American-sports-loving, beer-enjoying front-end devsigner from Sweden. Currently working for NocNoc, a communication agency in Malmö, Sweden.

I’m Kim Göransson. A 29-year-old devsigner, living in southern Sweden. Happily engaged to Emma, a dietician.

I grew up in the western part of the Blekinge province in south-eastern Sweden, as the middle child in a family of eleven. Technology – and computers especially – has always been a huge part of my life, as I started using it at a very early age. So it came quite naturally that it was in the computer business that I was going to work with once I got older.

No wonder I’m called the “Jonte” – the involuntary head of IT – at the office.

Growing up in such a huge family has blessed me with the mindset that I have today, with some of the following traits:

  • The value of compromising and/or be glad for the little things in life – As the old saying goes: “You can’t always get what you want”, work for it or just let it go.
  • Diplomacy – Being the middle child in a large family makes you some sort of a diplomat.
  • The importance of respect in all kinds of ways, whether it be for your elders, for others private life or others possessions.

Now, I’m not saying this is present in smaller families, but they sure are more substantial in a family as large as mine.